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pic is of EVO BBK, Subarus will be the same

These are new to the Subaru market but not new to PSR for the EVO fanatics.

BBK turbos have been used by the EVO guys for over 3 years and is one of the best selling EVO turbos on the market. The EVO turbos are making over [email protected] on some cars.

NOW CBRD Speed Factory the people behind the BBK EVO Turbos have released the new WRX BBK Range. What does BBK stand for?


there are going to be 3 Variants for the Subarus (Size wise)


as for what models i will have
ALL Subarus from GC8 to the new MY11 WRX and Liberty BL5s

Subaru BBK-L we have used on a few cars in Australia with the best reading of [email protected] on an unopened donk STI 03with headers and STI TMIC, Full TBE and Tune by MSR
Subaru BBK-TS is awaiting figures from a few that we have in WA and QLD

These turbos are EXCLUSIVE TO PSR in Australia and along with CBRD we have developed these to meet the needs for Aus WRX Owners.

WE will have over 30 of these arriving next month.

I do have BBK-S in stock now!!!"]Price and Details HERE!!![/url]
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