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Beware parts sites like Import Image Racing. They may have good prices but they are just a drop shipping middle man for other parts warehouses and can't/won't do anything if you run into problems with your order.

I had two tires going flat pretty quick and took them in to be fixed. One had a nail on the shoulder and needs to be replaced, so I am going to upgrade wheels and tires. I figured a few days on the spare would be risky but worth it.

I ordered 4 Enkei wheels from them and paid promptly. I was sent 4 shipping tracking numbers pretty quickly. I ordered tires and set an appointment the day after they are to arrive. I took off work to accept and sign for the order.

ONLY 3 of the 4 wheels arrived. The 4th tracking number says it was never given over to UPS. I called UPS who confirmed they never received the item. I called Import Image Racing and was told by the guy on the phone that he can't help me, and that I need to email them. I let him know that I was on a donut spare and this is very urgent but he didn't seem to care and said "you need to email us".

I emailed them twice. I wait until they are open again the next day, and called back. I was once again told to email them. I said I have emailed you twice and need to find out whats up with my order. He said "you will have to wait in line like a store" (Worst customer service I have ever received). I am now stuck with no idea when or if the remainder of my order will be here. I have had to cancel my appointment for tires because I have no idea when or if it will get here. I am stuck driving on the spare for who knows how long, and I can't get any help from Import Image Racing.

I would not rely on them for any of your parts needs. Others that do the same, at least have some decent customer service to assist you if something goes wrong, but these guy's don't care, and will not do anything to try and assist you if there is a problem with the order, even if the problem is on their end.


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