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Thanks for the warm welcome guys!
We are glad to become a supporting vendor of the Subaru WRX community. We are specialized on aftermarket accessories and repair parts for pretty much all vehicles sold in US, but there is one section on website that will probably be the most attractive for all Subaru WRX owners - Performance parts and upgrades at

These cars are all about power and we have plenty of parts to improve the performance of your favorite car such as air intakes, exhaust systems, suspension kits, transmission drivetrain components and such.
Except for the parts mentioned above you will find the coolest LED lights, spoilers, body kits, interior kits, wheels and many more.

Among the thousands of brands you will see such names as Borla, HKS, Weapon-R, Spyder Lights, ARK Performance, Carbon Creations, Brembo, THULE and other.

CARiD works only with the most reliable manufacturers in the industry, so the quality of our products is on the highest level.
Follow the links in my signature to view the full selection of parts for your Subaru WRX!

Leave your comments or send PM directly in case you have any questions about our products or simply looking to get a quote!

Don't forget to subscribe to CARiD on social media to stay up to date with the latest reviews and releases!
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