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Installed mine today, took about 1.5 hours with airtools.

How I did mine:

Removed intercooler, downpipe, top uppipe nuts.
jacked car up, remove rock gaurd, heat shield, EGT sensor, then the passenger side header.
Took a little wiggling but then the uppipe came out without removing motor mount bolts or turbo bolts.

The fit on my Cobb uppipe was less than perfect and required a double gasket on the low side of the uppipe.

I highly recommend starting this with all new gaskets.. both header ones (pass side only) and both uppipe ones.. the stock OEM ones suck. (yes, they are different from the dealer)

I have no good pics other than a side by side comparison.

My opinion of it so far... little quicker spool as it really is only eliminating a few rough edges over the stock one.. and its cast aluminum so it will have some heat sink properties.

any questions, just ask.
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