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First time posting here. Helping out a friend;
2015 WRX STI
AWD light flashes above 30mph. No other symptoms - under 30mph flashing stops.
No ck eng light - BUT code C1413 is stored - and returns immediately if driven above 50mph after clearing - then AWD light will flash all times above 30mph.
Add info; all speed sensors have identical numbers from 0mph to hywy spd - NO drop outs. Tires are all same - same prod date/tread wear. ABS works from less than 10mph - did not test above 30mph :eek: - no snow on the ground here for that test.

I did the pwr/ground test that is avail on line for this code - points to ABS module. All for the low low price of $1565.00, plus install/and possible programing - could not get straight answer from parts guy.

There are several avail via ebay for around $125.00. Does anyone know IF this is plug and play???
Enquiring minds 'want to know'!

Thank You
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