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Hello everyone, I'm currently drive a VW TDI and Jeep XJ Cherokee. Its come time to look for a reliable vehicle to get me to and from work as I recently suffered a dual breakdown of both vehicles and had to limp one to work and then get it towed home to replace the water pump and idler pulley. I've had my eye on a WRX for about 6 months and have several friends/coworkers with them. I've located one in my area for $18K, 80K miles, 2015 year, base package (no leather, heated seats, sunroof etc.), and its red in color. I don't want to snatch up the first one I come across, so I've waited a bit and decided before I get too far I better ask questions and get an idea as to what I should look for in a good candidate.

So, I guess what I want to ask is this:

What should I look for in a newer used (2014 and newer) WRX that I want to keep for about 5 years? Are there things to avoid because they are known to fail? What price range should I expect to see? I feel as though the 2015 I saw is a bit high price-wise. What should I expect to pay for one that's 4-5 years old, reasonable mileage, heated seats at least, I don't necessarily need leather?

Thanks for the help!
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