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I have an 08. I have.
-Process west cold air intake
-Process west verticooler
-VF52 with ported wastgate
-Hyperflow turbo back exhaust
-deatchwerst 340c fuelpump (not 100% on model)

When tuned, it made 192kw.
after a few years, I added ID1050cc injectors and a grimmspeed 3 port boost solanoid.
Saldy while being dyno'd the engine developed a knock and they had to stop.

I have purchased an ej257 short block to replace the ej255 and will be installed just before xmas.

I knew I wasn't going to break records or be a dyno king with these mods. However I was extreamly excited to see how it would come out.
My question is what type of power do people think I could get out of these mode? at the top and possibly in the mid-range?
below is my previous dyno.
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