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Decent seat cover from Costco for 2022 2023 (for something not specifically designed for a WRX)

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Putting this out for late model WRX owners with cloth seat covers that want to increase their protection for the seats....
I took a chance on seat covers from Costco, and they fit very well for a seat cover not explicitly designed for a WRX. In this case, they are on a 2022 WRX Premium with cloth seats. I think the 2023 models have the same seats as the 2022's; not sure if that applies to anything earlier.

Note that for the link above, they ship them in packages of ONE, not if you want one for both driver and passenger side, get two (unless they change the website and quantity in a package sometime after this post)

They are pretty heavy duty, good thickness.

Here is a shot with the existing cloth seats on the passenger side, and the new seat covers. Wish they had the red trim instead of the white in the pictures, but it is still a decent, low key accent pattern.

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