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Good evening,

I picked up a 2004 WRX with like 220,000 and a rebuilt motor and trans. The mechanical portion of the car is tight. I went through all of that when purchasing, but really did not pay attention to the body and electrical because I figured on all the other Subys I've played with - I've never had issues! So here is the problems I'm noticing now.

1. Sunroof chooses when it wants to open, but more problematic when it wants to close.
2. Dome Lights do not ever come on when the doors are opened.. any of them. The trunk, however, does work.
3. Drivers side front window and passenger side rear window open and close on command - I replaced the main switch in the driver's door, and the other two still do not work at all.
4. The lights outside of the car, parking lights, directionals, fog lights, all seem to choose if they want to work or not.

As far as I can tell and know, there has been no water damage to the car. Is there some type of Lighting Module or computer for the car that could be fried? Or do I need to start spending time going wire by wire with a voltmeter and a 6 pack? If anyone has any good leads other than "Check the fuses" I'd really appreciate it.

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