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Hi everyone .... I need some assistance with my WRX. I have a MY94 WRX without engine modifications, and until recently, it was perfectly okay, but now the engine fails to keep going after a few minutes of operation.
It doesn't sputter to a halt, its is as if the electrical to the engine is suddenly cut off.
Battery is new.
Mongoose M60 is now about 8 years old.
Cat-back exhaust done in 2019.
When the engine stops there is no chirping from the immobiliser and the engine can be immediately started.
Previously when driven, it lost power in traffic and stopped at traffic lights and was almost impossible to get any power from.
Fuel and air filters replaced with no change to the engine problem.

What else is this?
And before anyone says, plug in a code reader: the connector is a flat 9 spade outlet rather like this: 1993 impreza FWD 1.8L. Does anyone know what this plug is? It looks like an OBD plug to me but everyone says this car doesn't have a diagnostic port. Any help would be greatly appreciated the check engine light is at an all time strobe lol
very odd indeed?

Is the ECU broken?
What else causes the engine to shut down in such a manner as described above.
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