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name Mike
email [email protected]

the RCT-4 is out of Enkei's motorsport lineup, wheels are 17x8, et 48 5x100 gold in color and in great condition

easily clears Brembos (and other similar sized BBK's)

why am I selling these beautiful wheels your wondering? I have a new 09 and will be competing in D Stock next season, so 17x8's are a no no

what am I willing to trade for- a 17x7 (no other size) offset 48+ AND (this is important :)) relatively light- relatively being < 18lbs

pics show tires, tires will be gone- wheels only

there are a few MINOR suffs- barely scraping the paint- I've tried to point them out

price is $1100 shipped and insured, trades will be negotiated, buy w/ confidence- check my join date and trader rating on nasioc :)

wheel 1

wheel 2

wheel 2 scuff

wheel 3

wheel 3 scuff

wheel 4

wheel 4 scuff

mounted on my old 04

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