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This is a topic with greatly detailed posts from out members. What makes a great write up? Lots of pictures with clear explanations to go along with the pictures. So if you are still running a 56k Modem well, turn around now!

Change your own oil

Drive train:
Short Shifter
Perrin SS Adapter
Shifter Bushings

AP cold Air intake
Exhaust Install (catback)
Modify heat shield
Header install

Forced Induction
$5 Intercooler Sprayer

Electrical (includes Radio):
Navigation Bypass
Wire and install a subwoofer to stock head unit
Boost Gauge
DRL Disable
SPT Boost gauge install
Alternitive DRL disable
H.I.D. install
H.I.D. Glare Fix (Squirrel finder mod)

Lowering Springs
WhiteLine Sway bar (rear)
BC BR series Coil over install

Hood Scoop Mesh Grille
Clear and Paint your 08 Headlights
Stained Glass Foglight Tinting
STi Spoiler Install
Ikea mud flaps DIY
Carbon fiber hatch install
Fog light replacement

Cargo Cover Creaking Noise Solution
Rear Wipder Blade Refill Replacement
Dual pillar pod how to

If you feel another topic is deemed worthy of being an excellent write up and isn't already in here. Post the link to the topic in this post so we can add it in at some point or another.

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How-To Request: I couldn't find it but I remember it was on here that someone put in a factory Navigation into a non-Navi model.

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How to disable the annoying double chirp when you unlock. I am tired of looking like the guy who is showing off his remote entry when I have a passenger.

Enough chirping already!

Selecting audible signal operation

Using an electronic chirp, the system will
give you an audible signal when the doors
lock and unlock. If desired, you may turn
the audible signal off.

Do the following to deactivate the audible
signal. You can also use the same steps
to restore the function.

1. Sit in the driver’s seat and shut all
doors and the rear gate.

2. Hold down the UNLOCK side of the
power door locking switch.

3. While holding down the “UNLOCK”
side of the power door locking switch, pull
the key out and re-insert it into the ignition
switch at least 6 times within 10 seconds
after Step 2.

4. Open and close the driver’s door once
within 10 seconds after Step 3.

5. The turn signal lights flash 3 times to
indicate completion of the setting.

You may have the above settings done by
your SUBARU dealer.
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