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I posted this in the Australian forum but it seems a bit dead.... I have done a search on the topic but can only find info relating to the later model hatch's

Ihave a 2005 WRX WRP-10, fairly stock standard but will be upgrading in the future
I bought a cat back system from ultrex which i have been happy with. I then bought UEL headers from Empire performance and they were the biggest load of sh*t ever, quality was terrible, fitment was god awful and the sound was worse. So they came back off and i re-fitted the standard headers. When i was refitting them i noticed the was a split in the seam weld of the downpipe close to where it bolts to the turbo (aftermarket downpipe, not sure what brand, it came with the car). As the car is my daily and i couldnt leave it on the hoist at work i (stupidly i think) tried cleaning it up and silver soldering it (internet said this might be ok and i didnt have access to a tig). It appeared to work for a little bit and i was relived id finally found the exhaust blow id been hunting for months. Now theres a whistle though, sounds like a frigging ambulance as it goes up and down the rev range.
So, im in the market for a new downpipe.... anyone have any suggestions/experiences?
I don't mind paying decent money for a system. I've been looking at x-force (i know i need to buy the cat back system aswell) but just chasing other opinions before i drop $1,600 on an exhaust.
What im looking for is, a bit louder than current noise at idle, maintain the suby rumble and a little burble between gear changes would be a nice added extra. Basically i want it to sound nice, not cheap
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