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I drive a 2011 WRX and I've got a bit of a problem. It started a while ago, but I was hearing a sound coming from near my turbo that didn't quite sound like a click or a knock. I wasn't making the boost I should've been, wasn't idling nicely, and the noise got louder under load. I've also been throwing several codes about exhaust sensors and I can smell my car running rich and exhaust fumes in the cabin.
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I looked over this diagram of my intake and exhaust, and followed the exhaust all the way up to the turbo. Then right under the turbo I find this...
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I turned the car on, stuck my hands down there, and sure enough, I could feel the exhaust puffing against my hand. I believe this is the part labeled as the "pre-catalytic converter".

When I look up the part online, I'm met with a $290 OEM option. I think I found a pipe somewhere that is suppose to fit for $90. None of the scrap yards near me have my car. But I've also been looking for a reason to upgrade to equal length headers. The rest of my exhaust is Perrin and the equal length header kit is $1225 and it comes with a new up-pipe too.

I definitely want the headers, but I'm also am on a pretty tight budget at the moment. How serious of an issue is the leak? How long do you think it could safely go with the leak? Any links to a cheap part that could act as a replacement for a few months?

Thank you!
Also, this is my first post so go easy on me if I suck at posting 😂
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