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2012 Subaru Impreza WRX Premium 5-Door 2.5L Turbocharged 5-Speed Manual
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Hey everyone, I'm the FNG! I've been wanting a Subie pretty much since I got my license and was finally able to afford one 16 years later. Found a halfway decent and seemingly well priced '12 WRX Premium Hatch with ~125k miles at a smaller dealer in Elkhart, IN. Was a bit of a drive to go pick her up from SW MI but well worth the trip. It was SUCH a fun hour long drive home as I've been driving a lightly modded, moderately dieted, yet tired '03 Focus Zetec 5spd for the past 13ish years. I went for the big upgrade 🤣. I even got a little teary eyed on the way home because driving my very own WRX was all too surreal. It's a car guy thing I guess.


I'm an automotive technician (notice the 100year Ann. Snap-on beanie if you can see it, that makes me legit af right?) so most all technical aspects are very well understood, my only issue is that I rarely work on Subies, especially the newer ones, and Especially the turbo models.
I've spent a decent amount of time already searching this and a few other forum boards doing research on my new lovely. I ask of you experienced owners, what types of things should I look for (beyond the obvious things, like some of the shoddy work the dealer did) and what should I be paying attention to? Any links to related discussions would be much appreciated as I find searching for some things can seem impossible.
Keep in mind I have most of the "post purchase" items already ordered like trans fluid (gross looking), rear hub assemblies (noisy), touch up paint, blah blah. She's mostly stock and my note is 6 years long so I wanna keep things mild, at least for a while. I also, of course, want her to last me a good while. The dealer did sell me a nearly bumper to bumper 3 year 36k warranty that even covers the turbo and rental car so that's cool. Any and all info/advice is welcome and thank you in advance! I look forward to browsing these forums and discussions and putting my trained $.02 in! 🤘
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