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haha gotcha, Please read the following and bump it or reply with thoughts so we keep this twords the top and others will read it. kk thnx

In order to stream line the for sale, want to buy, and group buy threads we are testing a few things to see how they pan out. These rules are for your safety and will aide in reducing the amount of possible scams.

I. General Rules

A. Items forbidden to be sold or purchased

i. Pirated Software
ii. CD Keys without included software
iii. Not for Resale or Academic software
iv. Pornography
v. Pyramid, MLM, and contest/giveaway sales
vi. Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

B. No feeler, interest, or price checking threads

C. Multiple Threads - Please consolidate threads. Do not post multiple threads for separate items. If you have a multitude of items to sell place them in the same thread. A warning will be sent and repeat offenders will have their threads merged or removed.

D. eBay or other Auctions links - Links to products on eBay or other auction sites will not be tolerated. Items in the buy/sell forum are between community members and we like to give our members first choice on an item for sale.

E. Thread Crapping - Thread crapping is rude and will not be tolerated. If you feel the price is unfair or if you have an issue with the asking price then kindly PM or email the seller to inform them. It will be up to the seller to adjust the price however they see fit.

III. For Sale Posts (FS:) - All items for sale must include a price. If a price is not present the individual who created the thread can/will be notified to correct the issue if not the thread will be deleted at our own discretion. If the price is not posted within 24 hours after the thread will be locked or deleted. Make sure to delete your thread after the sale, This will keep your information safe from other members after the sale.

If you like you can use the following format for your email so search bots don't grab it and then you get spammed: at doitlikethis dot com

A. For Sale Post format - All items for sale will use the following format:

What is your name(first)? :
What is your Email Address OR Contact PH #? :
What is your State? :

B. For Sale post pictures - All items for sale require a picture. This is for the buyers safety, include your screen name and the date the picture was taken.

C. Paypal - Do not request any additional fee for Paypal, 3% or otherwise when posting items for sale. If you feel the need to cover your loss on a Paypal fee then you as the poster should adjust your asking price to accommodate the fee. (This rule applied to any other similar payment options)

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Re: FS: Bunch of stock and aftermarket parts off my 08

how much for the porn? any pics?

just kidding. you caught me though.
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