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I posted this on Nasioc but in the wrong forum... so it probably won't get fixed until later this week. Parts are still for sale as of:
May 2, 2008: 3:00am Pacific time

I've taken off all the aftermarket mods from my 02 Blue Ridge Pearl RS and no longer have my car. This means that it's now your chance to own a piece of what I used to own at a fraction of the price. =D
Here's goes the list. Please contact me if you have any questions about anything:

2002 Subaru Impreza RS in Blue Ridge Pearl Paint:

-= Cobb EL Headers + High Flow Cat ceramic coated. There's lite surface rust in between the pipes, but it's totally normal (I'll include New OEM Gaskets): SOLD
-= Upgraded Grounding kit from Paranoid Fabrications (Sticker+Tie Downs Included) (Gold Ends): SOLD
-= Stromung Dual Pipe Stainless Steel Axleback Exhaust (Sticker Included): $350 + Shipping
-= Kartboy Short Shifter (Yellow Sticker Included): SOLD
-= Sylvania Silverstar Ultra HeadLight Bulbs (MODEL NO. 9004 SU/2): On my car for less than a year: $25 Shipped
-= Wrx Side Skirts painted BRP (Clips Included) a couple skuffs here and there: $100 + Shipping
-= Momo Shift Knob: Pretty bad shape. Left the windows down on several cold nights. Leather doesn't like that =(

And here are the pictures:

Driver Side:

Passenger Side:

: Make an offer if you like it.

I still need to take pictures of the grounding kit, and the light bulbs

All parts are located in SoCal.

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grounding kit in good condition??

may be interested... should work in 08 right?

(btw in your honest opinion did the grounding kit make a difference?)
The Wiring set'up that I had was for the RS... I'm pretty sure it's the same for all Imprezas, but I'm not 100% sure.
It's in good condition. Not cuts or burns or anything crazy. A little dirty, but I'll definitely clean it.

In my honest opinion: I felt a difference in starting up the car: The engine seemed to kick over moments qucker than stock
I also felt a difference when the car was idle. It had a solid feel to it. Kinda hard to explain.
I'll tell ya as well, I felt like I got a little more oomph in acceleration but I'm pretty sure it was my mind and my expectation playing with me. For 40 bucks at the time, for what I thought I was feeling was great and well worth it.
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