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Hey All,

I just got these mounted a couple weeks ago and being a wheel whore I'm already itching for a new look.

Wheels: Rays Engineering Gramlight 57 Maximum - Original White
18x8.5 5x100 ET45 - Anodized Blue Rays Valve Stems - No TPMS

Tires: 235/40-18 GT Radial Champiro UHP1 - Brand new two weeks ago, no patches, no issues with only about 200 miles on them. They were mounted / balanced at Costco and Nitrogen filled.

Accessories: Gorilla Automotive 66-57.1 mm hub rings (sanded to fit the oddball Rays 65mm hub bore on the wheels). Will include a full set of anodized blue lug nuts if I get my asking price.

Wheels are discontinued and are at least a few years old so they have various dings, nicks and rash but no bends or cracks. I decided not to refinish them to retain the OEM finish, stickers, etc. As you can see in the picture they still look great as the blemishes aren't noticeable until you're up close...they balance fine and hold air without any issues.

I can get individual wheel photos for serious, interested parties. I currently have them on my 2014 GR WRX hatch at stock height with zero fitment issues as expected. They ride great and are within < 1% of the OEM 17" wheels specs so no speedometer inaccuracies, ride height changes, etc. They are on my DD so mileage will increase slowly.

Asking $1300 obo cash or open to trade for other 5x100 wheels with good tires, can add cash on top of necessary and vice versa.

Located in San Diego, California.

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