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What I am selling:

I am selling a set of front and rear whiteline endlinks and all included hardware required for mounting. I am selling them because these endlinks have spherical bearings and I am going to get a bushed endlink instead as I believe these endlinks would be poorly suited for the conditions in which I will be driving. They have been on my car for about 1500 miles. They rarely make noises, but they aren't as quiet as a mouse at all times either due to the spherical bearings. There are no clearance issues with these endlinks and they are adjustable so you should be able to pair them with pretty much any sway bar, assuming they have proper fitment to the car. The endlinks are in good condition with no damage or problems.

How much:

I will sell both pairs of endlinks (front and rear) for $110 + shipping, which is a little less than the cost of a single pair of endlinks.

US only please, as much fun as international shipping is...

PM me if interested.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts