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FYI ONLY: Had a low clunk noise coming from the rear that sounded like suspension or a body knock. It was low frequency sound, but sounded like a loose strut or something.

To my surprise after some investigation, it turned out to be the striker for the rear seat! It surprisingly sounds like suspension or body clunking, but it was the seat was locked but the seat was not engaged tightly due to the striker plate being adjusted too far forward! Take it in and have the striker adjusted back a mm or so and the noise will go away! This clunk can be mistaken for body or suspension due to the placement of the striker on the body and the low clunk noise created by this prob.

I hear of a lot of other clunk concerns from the rear, and they may or may not be as a result of this issue, but my suggestion is start small by looking for simple things first, and do a quick test by folding your seats down to see if the noise goes away, or have someone sit in the back seat (put weight on the seat back) to see if it affects the noise.

Hope this helps!
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