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What’s up everyone, I just picked up my first wrx. It’s a 2014 and has some minor mods done to it. I hope this post isn’t in the wrong section or anything. The mods done to this car are as follows:
Invidia n1 catback
Cobb intake
Bov unknown brand. Can update later
Downpipe also unknown haven’t been able to get under and check it.

the reason for this post is I think the car is running slightly rich in some way due to a little bit of a petrol smell. I do plan on grabbing a wideband and installing to find the exact afr. But just based off of the mods I think it needs a tune. Or atleast maybe the Cobb ap? I pretty much just want input on whether I should just buy the Ap first or the wideband to see if it’s even a problem? The car runs great only 76k miles. And it isn’t leaking gas, I’ve atleast checked that far. I appreciate anyones input
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