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We've already invested heavily in advertising (probably you've found us through some of your ads floating in Cyberspace). We'll continue to invest heavily to help your small community grow in numbers!

However, it would be nice if we could have some help! Why would you like to help? Well, simply put, you're helping the 2008 Impreza and 2008 WRX community find out about this forum. And with more members in this forum, there will be more information shared here, and time on this forum will be more rewarding!

Here are some things you can do to help us!

1. If you have a blog/website or even Myspace/Facebook profile, simply putting a small link on the blog/website or profile will point some potential members to our website. And the value of just 1 link compared to the gains in rankings in the search engines is so immense you'll never understand.

2. Tell your friends about us. Meet some new 2008 WRX and 2008 Impreza owners, tell them about us. Our name is easy to remember. How difficult can it be.

3. Collect some of the forum merchandise and put it up on your car. Taking up a small part of your rear window, it allows other car owners to be aware of our existance. At the same time, you can pimp up your stock looking ride :)(Merchandise like vinyls and decals are in the process)

4. Simply being active in this forum will create a good enough reason for new members to join our friendly community, since the 2008 Imprezas are outcast in other forums :p

5. Add us to social bookmarking websites like will create alot of awareness of our presence! We've also made it easy by creating links on the top of every post.

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