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Hey there.

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What's up. We are a shop in central jersey doing pretty much everything except for engine swaps. Audio, Video, Security, Rims, plus we deal with over 14 companies (mostly performance) direct to get you the best prices. Anything you need or are looking for let me know and I'll see what I can do.

As for the cars:
97 Impreza wagon. My baby.
87 Corolla GTS. Drift car.
94 Previa. VIP/Parts hauler

Soon to be 08 STi.

The 08 STi should have followed my car, not the 3 mistakes before it! I love, LOVE, this new body style. With the exception of the cleared tail lights. Was never a fan. On any car.

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nice lookin "classic" impreza wagon 8)
engine swaps huh, you dont do that, yah i go to a place in Oregon that deals with Subaru called PDXtuning, they do good work, minus the fact there on the west coast.....but welcom to

+I gots a wagon myself
Swaps mostly for the drift cars. We dont have a lift for the swaps so we don't do them. Here's a better pic of the "classic"
Minus that stupid scanner ??? ??? (what was I thinking). And yes, that scoop is functional. STi swap coming later this year, FINALLY!

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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