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Love my 2020 WRX in Lapis Blue. What a terrific car., and really an amazing value. Plus the factory's 0.9% financing made it a no-brainer a few months ago. I had a 2016 Impreza before this which I really enjoyed, but the WRX is really kind of a leap forward. Anyway, I couldn't be happier.

Got about 5K miles on it now and two oil changes with Mobil 1. :) Yeah, I know that's ridiculously anal, but I want this car to outlast me. This is my first turbocharged 4 (and I've had LOTS of N/A 4 cylinder engines before).

Just went out to the garage earlier and heard the evap system humming with the car shut off for 6 hours Thought something might be wrong, but looked up the situation and found that this is expected behavior.

Also, I just got some Winterforce snowies and new rims, and my TPMS warning light is lit... Looks like I need to go to the dealer to clear that. I'll do a search around the site, but I wonder if there's something I can do to get the new sensors recognized without going to my dealer (which is a bit of a hike).

Best wishes!
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