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How bad does stalling hurt

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Moving from auto to manual. I'm going to start with my new wrx. I know I'm going to steal it a few times while learning. But how badly does it hurt the engine/transmission? How many times stalling is too much?
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You won't hurt it.

The most damaging thing is lugging the engine. A lot of new manual drivers don't realize this and when they go to pass or go up a steep hill they just mash the pedal down as they would on an automatic. The automatic would downshift, but a manual obviously won't. Mashing the gas at a low RPM...especially on a turbo car...puts a LOT of strain on the engine.

The fun of a manual car is shifting. My WRX is my first manual in about 7 years and it's taken me about a month to get back to the level of proficiency I was back then when it comes to rev matching and "heel toe" downshifts (although I use the side of my foot, not my heel).

The other thing newbies do that isn't really "harmful" but will cause you to have to replace the clutch sooner is "riding" the clutch. Either by resting their foot on it, or by revving the engine higher than needed and slipping the clutch slowly. Usually you'll be rewarded with a foul burning smell. :)
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