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So I took my steering rack out to fix the leaking input shaft. when I was removing the cover over the input shaft the pinion gear unexpectedly came out as well. It didn’t look like it had to go back in any specific orientation so I put it back and continued with the seal replacement.

After reinstalling everything the steering wheel was off a bit. The pinion was not back in the original orientation so I knew that my marks on the universal joint weren’t going to line up properly anyways.

The downhill assist and traction control lights came on pretty quickly, but I didn’t notice exactly when. A bit of reading tells me that it was because the steering wheel was off. I corrected that by rotating the input shaft a few ”splines” in the universal joint. Steering wheel is perfectly straight and car drives properly, but the lights won’t go off.

I had the steering wheel tied in position with the seatbelt so it can’t be out by a full rotation, and I shouldn’t have damaged the clock spring because I didn’t allow the wheel to turn when the rack was disconnected.

two questions, is the pinion gear being in the wrong position causing this, and if so, how do I put It back correctly?

any help is appreciated,
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