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'19 Crosstrek, '18 Forester XT
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75 Y.O. Retired Mechanical Engineer. I owned a '78DL, '08 Forester and own a '19 Crosstrek, and the Wife Owns an '18 Forester XT (turbo). I am looking at buying a '22 non-STI WRX. I am trading in the '19 Crosstrek. It makes zero sense but:

The WRX (I assume will have the Global Platform? And "You can't take it jwith 'ya ;). The Crosstrek is an amazing vehicle. Its superior in snow and handles like no other car I have ever had (Including my '69 Camaro. That global platform is a game changer. The XT is more than impressive. Some folks are disappointed that the new WRX will mot have superior performance bc it will have 'under 300HP'. I find that comical as the FA20 puts you back in the seat when you get on it in my XT.

I intend to get the CVT. Having many many manuals over the years and previous motorcycles has worn me out on manuals. I wish the CVT did not have the "shifts" and wish the FA24 had DI AND port injection like the BRZ but so be it. I joined the forum so could get a feel on what options to get. Both the XV and the XT are Premiums so that's what I will probably get. I do however want the better display. The XT has everything on there and the Crosstrek has nothing :mad:

My time frame is Feb and I probably will order.

BTW, I joined this forum bc the Forester and Crosstreck are sister forums to this one. So I am assuming this one will be superior.

I am pretty knowledgeable on mechanical stuff and in my working life I did ja lot of "oil stuff" I was actually a Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor. in a Nuke Plant, so I have seen it all. Other hobies are Pistols (I am an Instructor) and I play a Cornet. Looking forward to experiences on here!!~
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