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2017 WRX.
I am planning on installing the MAP intake and J-pipe, plus their OTS map and I have few questions I was hoping you could help me answer.
1. Is it OK to leave the stock cat back piping (mid pipe and axle back stock).? Would there be a problem by leaving the stock catback piping?
2. Is it ok to have the J-pipe to be 3” when the cat back stock is 2.5”? Of course I would put the adapter to make the connection, but I wonder if there would be a problem in the long term for having the stock cat back being smaller.
3. MAP provides their own OTS map, but I was wondering is someone have tried the COBB on that set up.
4. My understanding is the the J-pipe is the one that gives the most restriction and replacing that one along with the intake and the right tune will “unlock” a good amount of power, is that correct? Could this set up significantly reduce the durability of the engine?
Thanks for the help
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