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We need moderators!

Feel the need to contribute to a new community, send me a PM for applications!

Job of a moderator:

1. Reposition wrongly categorized posts to the right category.
2. Freeze posts that are facilitating alot of tension between community members.
3. Indentify good posts that deserve to be given a "sticky".
4. Ban disruptive members.
5. Ensure everyone's experience is a good one!
6. Remain actively involved in the forum (otherwise how would you "moderate"?)

Failure to do any of the above, especially failure to remain active, would cause your moderator status to be removed for other deserving members.

If you think you fit the bill as a moderator, send me a PM!

Added on 01 Nov 07:

We are slowing down the recruiting of moderators at present time. However, we are still open for application.

Simply means we will queue your application until the time comes when we need more!
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