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So, this MotoPed thing could be the next thing that I absolutely NEED in my garage. I saw it for the first time this morning, and was immediately taken by the awesome look of this mountain bike, wait, motor mountain bike. I know that we have seen this kind of thing before on PlanetMinis, as well as from several other companies, but I think that this could be the most well executed version. Not because it is a turn key, but because it is a project that takes some knowhow.

This bike hit a bit of a soft spot for us here in the office as it really caters to the tinkerer and project oriented minds. It provides you with the bones of the bike and basically lets you do the work. "I didn't buy it, I built it" pride flows through your body every time you swing a leg over it, and every time you are zooming past the cagers on the motorway, you know that you are doing it of your own blood, sweat, and sticktoitiveness. The others that I have looked at are more a complete bike that shows up to your house cocked locked and ready to rock.

This bike has been out for a while now, but it hit Kickstarter, a peer funding project, to raise enough money to get into the large scale production game.

To check out more info and VIDEOS of this guy, check it out over on our sister site,!
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