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Hey friends, Rio here,

I just bought an ‘05 wrx sportwagon, 2.0 L, standard transmission with 119k miles on the clock. It has some serious paint damage spanning the front bumper and sun damage on the roof, otherwise the blue coat is near perfect. Only one previous owner (a couple, actually) and always kept in temperate Central Texas where I know we don’t ever salt roads. Been a daily for most of 14 yrs and kept wet on ~monthly drives since April to keep the battery charged and fluids cycled. It’s gotten much of the recommended 120k maintenance already, brand new clutch, recently changed brake pads and tires, and the oil looks good.

I’ve wanted a WRX since Baby Driver came out and have always loved Subaru. I have driven a number of these early 2000’s Imprezas and Outbacks that had over 250k on the engine. I’m hoping for another 119,000 on this one without major motor repairs. Those well-loved subies over 200k all had rebuilt transmissions around 150-175k. I am replacing the power steering rack and pinion tomorrow, it has a slight leak but I talked the owner down and was anticipating this repair, may it be the first of few.

Anybody have tips for a first time subaru owner or an old high-mileage WRX?
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