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Can anyone help me with my Wrx impreza either in person if close enough or over the phone if location is no good I am located in the hunter valley Nsw.. Am willing to pay or sort something out in return not asking for freebie.. Just cause where I live mechanics and auto leckys are either booked to the max or not interested in working on it and subaru is out of the question as they are no where near me..

This is exactly what has happened with the car from when the problem started till now.

It's a 1998 my99 Wrx impreza is pretty much stock as.. I had a set of HID lights put in to it about 2 days later I was driving and the hole car just died and shut down. I towed it home on further investigation it had blower fuse sbf4 under the bonnet. Which according to an auto Lecky I had look at it was cause by a dead short which while he was repairing some how caused a short in my igntiton wiring. This has all now been fixed and repaired. But when I try to start it all it does is turn over but won't start.. I had a scan tool plugged in to see codes it was reading and it give me 45 for map sensor and pressure solinoid which have now also been replaced but same problem still happens turning over but won't start I could hear the fuel pump priming so I have tested to make sure that it work and it seems fine..
I can make car start and run fine by having the ignition on and shorting out a relay but just can't get it to go with the key.. Any suggestions or help would b great as its due for rego tomorrow

Thank you
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