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looking for some guidance, recently for into a 2013 WRX, COBB intake and down pipe and AP with Stage2+ appears an old map however have been experiencing a few things and maybe some of you guys can point me in the right direction,
Transmission seals took a crap, had it removed and resealed. transmission gives a bit of a grind as releasing clutch from 1st gear and some resistance into other gears. would this be caused by the type of fluid? shop did the work not sure which fluid was used and will be attempting to replace with subaru fluid.​
After replacement of transmission, the oil seperator seal was also bad and replaced this as well, but still getting a leak oil and transmission levels appear where they need to be. cause of leak? i researched and found maybe the steering rack itself any way to confirm this? cant tell as far as the smell of the fluid its not very (transmission like). any tall tell signs the steering rack may be the culprit of some sort of noise?​
Speaking of noises i get a high pitch whinning through the gears gradually getting louder suspected the transmission however if i put it into neutral no load from transmission the noise still persist. planned weekend check for wheel bearings i suspect this is the issue.​
its been a while posting things on forums but i see the subaru forums have a lot to offer.
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