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Good morning… I am new to the forum and seeking some help.

I recently bought my teenager a 2017 WRX because I want to turn my him into car enthusiast and I feel that every kid should learn how to drive on a manual transmission.

Here is why I need a little help…we bought it used with 60K miles on it and after about 6 weeks the clutch is slipping in third gear.

It’s shot. I am certain. It could’ve been caused by the previous owner, or it could’ve been caused by him being new to manual transmissions. Either way it needs to be replaced and trying to find a clutch kit with a fly wheel seems impossible.

I have quotes ranging from $1,250 ($550 parts) to $2,500 ($1,400 parts). I have a local shop that said they’ll charge me $650 in labor if I supply the parts.

The challenge I’m having is there are so many options, I’m not sure which one I should select.

Here are the upgrades that I’ve been done to it prior to our acquisition.

Invidia R400 catback exhaust w/ J pipe

STE air intake with air box

Delicious tuning flex fuel kit with flex fuel tune

Johnson tuning dyno tune

Nameless performance bypass valve

Process west verticooler

Tumble generator valve EGR valve delete

Exhaust gas recalculation EGR valve delete

Nostrum performance parts high pressure fuel pump

Perrin master cylinder brace

C-light DRL harness

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