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Hello all, I joined last year but it looks like I didn’t post a intro, really sorry about that but life you know and all that.

I’ve been a Bimmer guy most of my life, but now I‘m semi-retired, I can’t afford to keep socking money into those great but ridiculously fragile cars.

My new ride is a silver 2011 WRX hatch with 100,000 miles or so. And I love it. It handles more to my liking than any of the German iron I’ve had. I didn’t think I’d like a four wheel drive car, never even driven one before, but I find the handling to be a lot more specific, and picking up and dropping speed seems so effortless comparably, with how light the WRX is.

It’s crazy fast though, way more fast than it needs to be. As such, any mods I do will be going to suspension and looks.

I’m a restaurateur who had my own company for 27 years, I had two pretty high quality restaurants in Berkeley, CA, a very competitive market, where you have to be really good and cheap too.
But we hung in there and made a good living all these years. I wish I could still have a few cars, but now it’s one car, and it has to touch a lot of bases. The WRX hits them all.

My loves though are my motorcycles. I have a couple of BMWs and an older Guzzi. My ‘91 Guzzi LeMans is my pride and joy, and since I‘m retired, I can do more of my own work on it.

Well, thanks for letting me join the forum, I’ll try to be as helpful as I can be, while trying not to just suck the talent out of this group.
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