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2021 WRX Premium, WR Blue
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Hello. I'm a first time Subaru owner, having just sold my 2005 Nissan 350Z Enthusiast (I was the original owner). I'm waiting for my 2021 WRX Premium to arrive at my dealer.

I consider myself to be technically proficient, but I have minimal experience with turbocharges engines, so I hope to pick up some good info on this forum.

I made my purchase decision after test driving a 2020. I was pleased with the car but, like anything else, there were a few minor things I was disappointed with. Most importantly, there is no tire pressure readout. My Z had it (although Nissan took it out with the 2007 model year). I feel this information is vital in a performance car. But regardless, I'm looking forward to a rewarding driving experience with my new car.
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