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Looking for opinions I am looking at 3 different WRX and all 3 have some pros and cons. Looking to get opinions of which one is best option or whatever other information you are willing to give thanks.

#1 2015 wrx 56k miles for $22,998 white color
#2 2017 wrx premium 82k miles for $18k red color
#3 2018 wrx premium 30k miles for $23,999 white

All 2.0 6speed

A little more information I am trading my truck which will give me a down payment but looking to take loan of $20k or less option 2 will allow me to bank some of the profit from truck option 1 will put me right at $20k loan and option 3 without negotiation will put me at $21,800 loan.

Option 3 seems like best deal because of year and mileage but I have been watching the 2015-2017 years with high mileage selling just as fast. Biggest concern for option 3 is it’s a buy here pay here dealer which I can’t find reviews, BBB info, and just general discrepancies like posted for $23,999 on Fb and $24,999 on website.

Option 2 is private party seller who says he has had it garage kept and took care of it

Option 1 is carmax

The car will be my daily driver to and from work. Just looking to reduce overall debt and monthly expenses on car payment and fuel cost while still having a fun reliable car to drive for work. Any advice is helpful thanks.
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