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Hi Everyone,

A bit of a Subaru Noob here so I was hoping to get some help with the latest issue I'm having with my car.

I drive a 2002 Impreza WRX that is running a JDM EJ205 motor. Just recently, the dreaded CEL came on and when I checked the codes, I had these two:
  • P0365 - Camshaft Position Sensor B Circuit Bank 1
  • P0171 - System Too Lean Bank 1
I'm assuming the two issues are related but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Since the CEL came on, I have driven the car and the CEL turned off and hasn't come on the past few days. The codes are still there when I use my scanner but the car seems to start and run fine without any misfiring or issues. From doing some research, the issue on the various Subaru forums, it seems that the issue can be caused by either a failing sensor or moisture build up in the multiplugs near the sensor.

My problem though, is that while there is plenty of advice for those with USDM engines or swapped JDM EJ207 engines, I'm not finding a lot of information for JDM EJ205 engines.

I'm hoping someone can help me answer the following questions so that I can have a better gauge on what to do:
  • Do JDM EJ205 (WRX) engines only have one camshaft position sensor like their USDM counterparts? I know the EJ207 (STi) engines have two sensors but I want to confirm how many there are for my engine.
  • Based on the answer to question 1, where would this sensor be located on my JDM EJ205 engine?
  • Which camshaft sensor should I be ordering and is there a different in sensor between the USDM and JDM engines? I see two I can purchase but not sure which one to buy. They are 22056AA091 (marketed as a JDM sensor for both EJ205s and EJ207s) and 22056AA063 (marketed as the sensor for 2002-2005 WRXs).
  • Would P0171 also be resolved by addressing P0365?
  • I run into a lot of issues finding parts for my JDM EJ205 (last time I incorrectly purchased USDM valve cover gaskets instead of the JDM ones). Anywhere I can go to see a list of differences between the JDM EJ205 and the USDM WRX engines?
Thank you in advance!
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