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Event: quarter mile
Location: Atco Raceway, NJ
Ambient Temp: 90
Elevation: sea level (approx)
Weather: HOT !!!
Track and Conditions: Perfect
Tires: mx's, bald, low tire pressure

Car: 07 STi
Tuner: STi Mikey of PhatBotti Tuning
Dyno Info: Airboy
Transmission: stock 6 speed
Gear: 4th
Peak HP at RPM: 318whp @ 5100
Peak Torque at RPM:330wtq @ 3800
Baseline hp/tq for a stock on same dyno: 210
Target Boost: 22
Target AFR: 11.1
Fuel: e70

Engine/Power Modifications:

Untouched vf39 from 06 STi
Rallispec block
THESHOPCT re-built heads / Cosworth HG's
SPT Hot air intake
38mm EWG

Other significant mods:

Weight reduction:

Front bumper beam
Front bumper beam bolts
Plastic under-tray, clips, bolts
Front end U-brace, bolts
AC lines and condenser
Air pump
glove box
Passenger seat
rear seat support beam
seat belts
rear door cars and speaker
sound proofing
rear deck
rear seat support bars and rubber sound proofing
rear seats
spare tire, tools, jack
rear bumper beam
Carbon trunk
Running 1/8th tank of ethanol

[video=youtube;MQL9NmklsdE]] YouTube - Worlds Fastest Stock Turbo 11.51 @ 117 mph [/video]

[video=youtube;gaIXLn-QNTs]] YouTube - Worlds Fastest Stock Turbo 11.5 @ 118 mph [/video]


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Thats actually Island Dragway in New Jersey not Atco. Great run at that track been there may times.


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wow. i think we talked on nasioc and you gave me a 116mph i think for my 335hp airboy. i think ill be fast but mid to high 11's? any idea what the car weighs? i think i told you im at 3050lb fully fueled.
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