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TWM is pleased to announce that we have recently completed final testing of the 2008 WRX short shifter, and are now taking pre-orders. We have started our first production run, and we will be able to ship out all pre-orders on July 25th, 2008.

The specs for the short shifter are as follows:

-30% throw reduction
-1” shift knob height reduction
-Compatible with stock shift knob or any TWM Weighted Stainless Steel Shift Knob
-Available with optional polyurethane shift rod bushings
-Very simple installation, no modification of stock parts required
-One-piece construction shifter shaft, completely CNC machined without welds

We have designed the 2008 WRX short shifter with a reduced shift knob height, as well as a re-positioned pivot point for optimal shift feel and throw reduction. This is a true short shifter, which reduces both shift knob height and angular throw, not just a “chopped off” version of the stock shifter.

More details on TWM Performance Short Shifter for 2008 WRX
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