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Q&A with EBC Brakes

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We receive a huge number of brake-related questions into our inboxes across our media platforms, so thought we'd answer some of the most commonly-asked for you in this Q&A video! If you have any further questions that we've not covered, please drop them in the comments below

0:00 Intro
0:09 How often should I change my brake pads?
1:00 Why are my brakes squealing?
1:58 Which brakes do the most amount of work? Front or rear?
2:32 Can brakes work without fluid?
3:05 Why does my brake pedal feel squishy?
3:34 Why do performance brake discs have dimples and grooves?
4:24 Why do people use stainless steel brake lines?
4:59 Why are some discs one-piece and others two-piece?
7:58 What does the DOT in brake fluid mean?
8:34 Outro

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EBC Brakes - North America
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