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Here are shots of my new Redlinegoods shift boot, e-brake boot and armrest cover.

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Redlinegoods sells high quality Italian leather, hand crafted to fit like oem replacements. The finish is excellent, but installation was time consuming. It took a little fines and contact cement to install the pad and cover onto the center console armrest. Gluing the new e-brake cover to the OEM plastic frame was pretty easy. The shift boot required not gluing, but still took a bit of time creating holes for the oem frame to attach too. I did this install in stages and in taking my time I feel the finished product is very well installed and looks great.

Anarchy Motive is the shift knob in the pictures. The weight of this shift knob has changed my shifting style. I never knew how much a shift knob could make until driving the Anarchy Motive weighted shift knob.

The quality of these upgrades seem like they would have a high price tag. However, in doing some research and keeping my eye out. I was able to get all of the upgrades on a 15%+ discount. Check out Shift boot store - RedlineGoods leather shift boots for more details on discount codes and all the different products.

Okay, I'm off my soap box. Thanks for looking.


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