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2011 WRX Hatch
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Hello all, my first post on the forum, as I’ve only recently (May) purchased a 2011 WRX Hatch (or Wagon it seems everyone calls them). I hope to contribute more, but I know little, yet hoping to learn.

Before I go further, I LOVE my WRX! I’ve had dozens of cars in my life, none handled as well as this guy. I always preferred rear wheel drivers, but I had never driven the WRX. My first test ride was enough. The only other car I was considering was a Honda CR-Z, but the WRX was more comfortable, and the engine was very seductive. I didn’t get a chance to really sample its handling then, but first day I got it, I took it up to Grizzly Peak Drive and just had a hoot!

I’m gearing up to flush the radiator and rotate the tires, and have just changed the oil (again: really, every six months?). Now that it’s gotten so cold here in the Bay Area (I mean, it’s going down to 45 degrees tonight. Freezing!), the dash has just gotten where it is making a lot of noise. The noises were rare over the summer, so my superior deductive skills tell me the cold stiffens up the dash panels and they start rubbing on each other.

I used to be a Bimmer guy. On some of the older models, some of the Car Club guys had actually created maps of common noisy panels and how to get them to stop making so much noise.

Has anyone in the forum had similar experiences with a noisy dash in their WRXs? If so, any common way to get them to stop making so much noise?

I’d appreciate any help in the matter, and I’ll try to pay it forward as time goes on.
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