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Hey guys and gals,

Havent posted in years and unfortunately this new post isn't a good one. I'm looking for some advice and some peace of mind. I now have a 2012 WRX and I managed to ding it up a bit.

Long story short, I was driving up a dirt "driveway" to get into a parking lot. It was up hill and kind of had a blind crest. Of course, I couldnt see the GIANT washout at the very top of the little hill and happened to drive right into it.

The front tires went into the dip and thankfully stopped the front bumper from being ripped off, but only at the expense of the frame underneath. The rubberized coating was scraped off a little, both side skirts had broken clips and popped off partially and the sound was HORRIBLE. There is no visable damage to the frame minus the scrape to the coating and the car drives the same. No pulling to one side, no shuddering, nothing.

My question is, If eveything seems fine, I don't see any terrible damage and the car drives normally, should I be worried? Is there anything I should keep an eye out for and most importanty, would a hit like that compromise the integrity of the frame? Keep in mind, I was maybe going 5 mph and the car just kind of dropped right onto that small portion of the frame.

Thanks in advance and go easy on me. I've already beat myself up enough about it. :cry:

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