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Hello everyone, I'm cross-posting this across a few forums hoping to get some different opinions.

I have recently been looking to join the WRX club, and have started the long process of hunting through used car listings looking for deals. I ended up finding a stock 2011 Premium Wagon with ~130k miles on it with a decent service history that appeared to be completely stock for $14,000. I went ahead and got an inspection earlier this week on it, and they found a power steering leak, a broken clutch pedal bracket causing a bad pedal squeak, and a tiny exhaust leak, but everything else was in excellent condition. The shop quoted about $3000 to do the repairs, Steering Rack (2,000) and Bracket (1,000). I started looking into the repairs to do myself, and it seems that the clutch might require some welding depending on if the issue is on the shaft of the bracket, or the actual firewall. It also looked like the parts for the steering rack wouldn't be too expensive to replace, but does require a bit of mechanical work to get to.

My questions to the lovely people on the forum would be are the quoted costs accurate repair costs, or should I try to find someone to do it cheaper? Is it even worth buying this car and putting money into the repairs right off the bat, or should I keep looking for something that doesn't have any issues right out of the box? If I temporarily left the steering rack alone, would the leak get worse/affect other parts of the car? I'm hesitant to move on because the rest of the car seems to be in decent shape, and I feel like it's incredibly rare to find one with a full service history that hasn't been modded or trashed.

I would appreciate any advice anyone is willing to give. I look forward to joining this community, be it sooner or later!
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