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For my first modification on my new 09 WRX (when it arrives) I want to get new bushings for a better shifter feel but don't want to replace the shifter itself.
The stock shifter knob location is good for me.
Is there a bushing upgrade kit available or do I have to contact one of the short shifter outfits and buy the individual bushings?
Anybody have a specific recommendation as to a specific bushing supplier being the best?
I don't want to get a bushing kit and have it be nothing more than mushy factory replacement pieces.
That was the one dislike I had when test driving an 08.
My intention is to go ahead and buy the bushings in advance and have them in hand when the WRX shows up.

FYI, I did look over the thread with pictures describing changing out the shifter and bushings and it looks to be a simple change.
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