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Just brought a 2007 wrx hatch, currently it has just over 15,000 km's on a fresh engine rebuild - new block, rebuilt heads etc (as far as i know all the intake exhaust sensors etc have many many many MANY more km's)

So i have now had the car for around 3 weeks; have noticed that on first acceleration it tends to blow what appears to be a nice little cloud of black(?) smoke (this happens under load or when just at idle), but after this initial burn it goes away completely - this has been confirmed by co workers ect, in the parking lot and on the road or highway leaving work... its just this initial dab or 2 of the accelerator while out of gear or under load = seems to make no difference, again after the first use of the accelerator it blows zero smoke

- just to note zero smoke on start up (not valves or seals?)
- zero smoke if left idle
- zero smoke after the first use of accelerator

is it likely to be any of the following

or am i completely missing something obvious?

Any help with this would be much appreciated
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