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Hi All, long time lover of WRX's, first time owner (2 months). 2009 hatch Stock straight body with no unmatched panels, clean engine bay, all fluids had fluid, heaps left on brakes, rotors had no weird grooves, when test driving had no smoke from exhaust, under-car was decent for age so usual scraps but no real eye-popping damage to exhaust, downpipe etc... BUT given there was NO previous service history (though only 85,000kms/car yard) within the first week of owning car, I drained oil and filled OEM, topped up coolant with OEM (sort of brownish water in the coolant tank near the left side of the intercooler, given was minimal, didn't flush coolant and instead topped up with OEM and hasn't lost a drop from reserve- tank on far right, not the radiator), installed drop in K&N HI Flow filter then within a day reverted back to stock paper filter OEM as read oil filters mess with the MAF sensor. 3rd week I installed Kartboy SS. 1 month later got the COBB V3 access port and all readings checked out fine (but I was never paying attention to boost, mostly DAM, KOCK, FNL, AFR and AFL. Installed a cat-back exhaust with a 4inch tip (2 days later). At this stage, since I got the car, it was running smooth as butter and from what I thought (not knowing ay better...) was boosting fine. Also, I had done over 3000kms already doin long trips, short trips, cruising, now and again some spirited driving but never mashing constantly. I checked oil and noticed it was slightly over full. Immediately drained the extra amount and brought it back just under Full. During the time I filled the oil the car did have a faint white smoke coming out of exhaust. A mate told me as long as after you warm up it stops or even a little longer after warm up is ok as it is winter where I am and like 5 degrees C. and it does stop a little after warm up. Cant say it has reduced since I got rid of the extra oil though. To be honest maybe the white smoke was always there and I am only noticing it as we hit winter? not sure. On starting, rpms around 1.2K and will slowly drop to a comfortable 800 and idle perfectly. Always fill 98 (equivalent to 95 RON I believe) and tried all stage 1 OTS maps and felt the car performed best with stage 1 HWG 91 (even though I always fill 98, I get roughly 400kms off a full tank). Car is garaged and always warmed up before driving.

Now here is the issue and since I've noticed it I feel everything is just falling apart on me. Started to pay attention to boost gauge and noticed I cannot get over 9psi in any gear even at red line. I re-tried every applicable map LWG, HWG, normal, stage 0, even unmarried v3, with no success so figure not ECU related. AFR ratio 14-14.99 and around 20 at idle, phantom knock and NOT during WOT is 1.40 (now and again, not every day and never more than 1.40). Not sure if it would specifically help but cleaned MAF, BCS, checked air filter, air filter box, all pipes/hoses/tubes which I can see visually, no damage, cracks or any clips missing. Made a DIY smoke test, smoke stated pouring from the left side of the intercooler. Took intercooler off, inspected area and inlet seems perfectly fine but the smoke is coming directly from that surrounding area.

I have a video but wont let me upload and pictures don't show much.

Guy's would really like any advice as to what else I can check. I'm no mechanic and the most I have ever learnt about cars has been in the past two months since owning this car, but I can follow instructions to the letter. Would like to check as much as I can before I resort to taking it to a mechanic and getting ripped off. I've been having so much fun learning and working on this car myself and praying there is no major issue which will most definitely drop my interest in keeping this car any longer.

Eagerly awaiting ANY response! Thanks Guys!
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