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As everyone know when you move you want to get rid of stuff thats just been takeing up room. This is what i have so far:

Paintball gun. Spyder TL, Dye Ironman Barrel, Dye grip, 8 chamber expantion, adjutable stock, remote for co2 tank, red dot sight, low pressure chamber, all the stock parts for the gun. Ill even throw in my old gun for free. its not that good but its a second gun to let your friends use. I have a bunch of other stuff ill throw in too. Ill post pics when i find the box with it all. im thinking about asking 150-200 for everything. i paid well over 1500 for everthing. The gun was only used 2 twice in games and 3 times in my backyard, id say 2000 shots have gone threw the barrel and bolt.

2001 Chevy S-10 LS, 4.3 V6, White, Auto, PM me for more details $4500.00

As I find more stuff to sell ill let you guys know.
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