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Hi All,

I picked up '96 GC8 WRX at auction recently that - I have now found - has a transmission problem. It has had its original trans swapped at some point - I have no idea when.

The original transmission is a TZ102YB5BA - the web reckons its a permanent four-wheel drive, center differential with hydro-mechanical locking clutch with a 4.11 ratio.

The box that is in it is a TZ1A4ZRCAA-LP - also what I think is a serial number 296092, don't know if that's important. This seems to be from a ~2000/2001 NA Impreza or Legacy and seems to be a 4WD with hydromechanical coupling for connecting the rear wheels without center differential 4AT. Haven't found any info on the ratio.

So, the shifting issues make it almost undriveable. I can't think that someone let it get to this point before offloading it onto some unsuspecting sucker (me) so my theory is that the original gearbox was bad, they got online bought another 4EAT and installed it. If it isn't compatible because of TCU / ratio this could be causing the random shifting up and down, slam shifts and high reving under low load etc etc. I think the ratio's are OK as the car drove OK (ignoring the shift behaviour). There wasn't any bad steering feel, or tyre skip etc that you'd expect if the ratios were wrong.

So before I pull this down chasing issues with the gearbox can anyone help me determine if the installed gearbox is actually compatible with the car? Hopefully someone in the brains trust has some info to help. (y)
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